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Latinas Writing in Science 

We review and edit the final draft of your scientific publication in English.   In two one-on-one sessions, we work on the cohesiveness, structure, and presentation of your manuscript. Then, once the structure is good and the message clear, two volunteers edit the language and give further comments if necessary.  We also stick around to help you with the submission process and, if funds are available, we pay for your publication fees. 


These services are for FREE for 

first/last female authors living in Central and South America (Spanish and Portuguese). APPLY HERE.


Contact us for a quote if you don't qualify for a  free service. 


For translation services (Spanish/English) please contact:

Anita Lopez


BA Arts in Communication and Journalism |


NAATI Certified Translator Spanish into English, expected to complete 2023

Sydney, Australia

We offer scientific writing workshops for international students living in Australia.  

Our workshops focus on the diversity issue in STEM.  They are designed for participants to understand writing as a tool to reach senior positions in research.

If you want to bring this workshop to your institute or faculty, please contact us.          


We'd love to hear from you

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