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 Get ready to know about the most amazing women in science!

The Huikipedia project aims to increase the visibility of female scientists from the Global South by creating and expanding their biographies on multilingual Wikipedia platforms.

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The project

Wikipedia has become a ubiquitous source of information, shaping the way people access and consume knowledge in today's world. In particular, biographical pages are crucial in increasing the visibility and recognition of scientists and their contributions. However, less than 19% of biographies on Wikipedia are about women, and the majority of editors and contributors are men. This gender gap is a reflection of how women are perceived in society and our ongoing battle to gain visibility in a world dominated by men.


The Huikipedia project answers the call from Project Rewrite, a Wikimedia Foundation initiative aimed at highlighting gender gaps in Wikipedia and taking action to close them. Our project aims to increase the visibility of female scientists from the Global South by creating and expanding their biographies on multilingual Wikipedia platforms. Additionally, we want to create international awareness of the impact their contributions have beyond their home countries and continent. Huikipedia is an extension of the hard work that Huitaca has been doing for almost three years, promoting and supporting Latin American scientists globally.

Keep reading and help us spread the word! Let’s showcase the many valuable contributions that Latin America has to offer the world. Let more women be Wikipedia editors and contributors!

Our project begins with the biography of Dr. Angela Restrepo Moreno, a trailblazing Colombian scientist and inspiring educator.   See Dr. Restrepo's Wikipedia page HERE and a list of all the Wikipedia profiles we are aiming to expand or create in HERE

Our goals

Huikipedia aims to address the gender imbalance in Wikipedia, where only 18.9% of people profiled on the English language site are women. The project aims to: 

1. Increase the visibility of female scientists from the Global South.


2. Create awareness that science is done in languages other than English.


3. Emphasize how remarkable female scientists from developing countries and emergent nations are.


4. Increase the online representation of Global South female scientists on one of the largest encyclopedias in the world, Wikipedia. 


5. Encourage and support more women to become Wikipedia contributors and editors, bridging the gender gap in the community of editors and promoting diversity in knowledge production.

Meet The Team

We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of passionate volunteers who are committed to our mission.  Together, we collaborate to create and expand biographies, ensuring that the remarkable contributions of female scientists from the Global South are recognized and celebrated worldwide.  Get in touch if you want to be part of our team!

Get Involved

If you want to be part to this amazing project, e-mail us at: and let us know how you would like to help.  Here are some ways how you can contribute:


1. Volunteer with us and become a Wikipedia editor/contributor to expand on current female profiles or create new ones. They can be created in English, Spanish, Portuguese or any other language you speak fluently. 

2.  If you know or heard about female scientists from the Global South that have made an impact on society with their work, please contact us by email at: and let us know. We will add them to the list of profiles to work on.  Make sure you include the scientist’s profile with as much information as possible, including name, country of origin, biography, presence in social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, IG) biography in Wikipedia if existent. Bear in mind that scientists do not have to be alive to be able to be nominated.

Tools to help you help us

There are many online tools to support Wikipedia editors and contributors.  We have curated a list of those we found more useful in our own journey:


Project rewrite:

How to become a Wikipedia editor and contributor:

More projects like HUIkipedia:

Stay Tuned!

 Stay tuned by subscribing to our quarterly newsletter, and get ready to read the biographies of the most amazing scientists from the Global South who have made significant contributions to the world of science! 

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