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A bit about us

Founded in 2020, Huitaca embarked on a mission to support the scientific writing and publishing endeavors of women in Latin America. Our initial program, "Latinas Writing Science," continues to mentor both young and senior scientists, fostering their progress in the scientific community. Since our beginnings, Huitaca has expanded its efforts beyond mentoring. We have successfully raised funds to assist with publishing costs, conducted writing workshops in Australia, and delivered engaging talks in Latin America to enhance scientific communication skills.

Our progress and growth have been made possible through the dedicated support of a diverse group of volunteers. As Huitaca evolves, our commitment extends to empowering women—scientists or not—across the Global South, to elevate the scientific sphere within the region.


Who we are

Under the leadership of Astrid Rodriguez, a Colombian scientist based in Brisbane, Australia, Huitaca is guided by an exceptional advisory committee comprised of talented men and women. Their expertise helps shape our projects and mold our organization's trajectory. Together, we form a vibrant community of Latinos spread across various global locations, united in our goal to support and enhance your scientific journey.

What we do

We Boost

We boost the quality and impact of scientific writing among non-English speakers, Latin American women in particular, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to publish and disseminate their research globally.

We Advocate

We advocate for fair representation and equal opportunities in scientific publishing. We support initiatives to enhance the visibility of women in science and those to overcome language barriers.

We Build

 We Build a supportive community to create a nurturing and supportive network that connects scientists across the Global South. Subscribe to our newsletter to become part of this community.

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