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A Bit About Us

 Leaving my home country and overcoming language and cultural barriers to pursue a scientific career in Australia has not been easy.  However,  I have been fortunate enough to meet wonderful people all along the way that made things easier.  

Huitaca is my desire to give back the support that I received and to ease the pathway of many Latin American women that, just as I did,  chose science as a  career.  

Our volunteers are successful professionals with strong values that believe in the power of giving.  They compromise to achieve an equal world where language does not stop us from studying life, from knowing life, from doing science. 

Huitaca 1) facilitates the dissemination of scientific advances from Latin America 2) supports the research careers of young and senior female scientists in Latin America and 3)  boost women's scientific output as a way to propel them to upper-level academic positions, closing the gender gap in leadership roles.

We are ready to meet you where you are at. Get in touch!

Astrid R. 

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