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February 2024

Hi There!

It's been a while since our last update, and we've missed you! But believe me, we've been tirelessly working. This new year, however, promises to be a new chapter in Huitaca's journey. Throughout 2024 and starting today,  we are excited to announce several changes in how Huitaca operates and how we interact with all of you. We keep evolving to create long-lasting impacts on the community we pledge to support. Whether you've joined us as a participant, volunteer, donor, advocate, or cheerleader, we want to thank your contribution. We honor the time you spent and your willingness to make Science more equitable and inclusive. Together, let's look forward to a bright 2024. Meanwhile, let's take a moment to glimpse the exciting developments coming our way, celebrate Huitaca's participants, and explore the events and articles we've carefully selected for you. 


Thank you!

Astrid R.

Brand New Logo

February opens up with a brand-new logo!.  While we cherish our former logo featuring a pink lady with a colorful brain, the time has come to introduce a symbol. Inspired by a circle of embracing figures, our new logo symbolizes the unity and collective effort necessary to elevate women, faithfully reflecting Huitaca's mission.  Thanks to Dr. Christina Bernardes, Veronica Romero and friends and family for their invaluable input on the final design. You will see this logo first on our social media platforms and then on our fully revamped website. 


February Highlights

Don't miss out on this month's curated events aimed at redefining productivity, strategizing publications, and fostering informal yet insightful discussions among women and girls in science. 



Online. Friday 9 Feb

10 am  (GMT)


Multilingual Functionality

AuthorAID INASP.  Online. Date to be announced. INASP has lots more courses and tools for scientific writing, explore more HERE. 


Franklin Women. 

Tuesday, 27 February

7:30 - 8:45 pm 

(Sydney, Australia time)

Latinas Writing Science

Hats off to Ángela  and Helden, the latest participants in our Latinas Writing Science program, who submitted their publications to international journals last year:

Ángela María Morales Trujillo

PhD Candidate - Instituto de Ecología A.C. INECOL. "Diversity and Ethnobotany of the Genus Salvia subg. Calosphace in the Purépecha Culture, Michoacán, México". Editors: Astrid Rodriguez.

Helden Velez-Gonzales

Master Student. Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche. "Shared genetic risk factor between seven psychiatric and neurological disorders." Editors: Ayooluwatomiwa Oloruntoba and Astrid Rodriguez.


Inspiring Stories

We've selected some media pieces showcasing incredible women scientists making a difference worldwide. From short films to insightful articles, we hope they inspire you.



This short film series showcase women scientists living and working in developing countries and how their contributions have transformed the living conditions of their communities. Each of the films has been made locally on-site (in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East) by local residents trained online by Nicole Leghissa, a filmmaker and consultant living and working in Trieste, Italy.


Andrew Wight tells us how Kodu technology is turning discarded banana and plantain stems into a more sustainable sanitary pad to fight period poverty.


As we see a spike in domestic violence around the world, Katherine Berney (Women's Agenda) writes about how we engage with misogynistic views on social media.

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