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Latinas Writing Science

Latinas Writing Science is a mentoring program where we guide you through the publication process of your scientific paper.  Together, we review, edit and help you publish your scientific manuscript or abstract.

About the Program

In a series of one-on-one virtual sessions, we get to know you and your work to take your manuscript to the next level.  You will work closely together with our Spanish or Portuguese mentors to strengthen the cohesiveness, structure, and robustness of your paper.  Once this is done, two of our volunteers will edit your manuscript's language. We also stick around to help you with the submission process.  


If you believe you can benefit from this program, please click the link below and fill out the form.  With enough information about you and your project, we will know how to better assist you. 


$0 - This program runs with the kind contribution of all our volunteers. 


To be eligible, you need to be living in a Latin American country and be the first or last author of the manuscript you are submitting.  

Is this program right for you?

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