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Writing Science for International Students Workshop 

Our experience mentoring Latin American women in STEM, help us understand the challenges faced by non-English speakers when it comes to writing science. 


This workshop helps students gain the confidence and the skills needed to publish their research.  It follows an active learning methodology: students learn by working on their manuscripts.  The "Writing Science for International Students Workshop" runs for three days with four hands-on sessions and six master classes full of practical advice:


Session 1

  • Introduction

  • The problem of diversity in STEM

  • Writing mistakes and misconceptions 


  • Planning your writing

Session 2

  • Scientists as storytellers

  • Structuring your paper

  • Achieving cohesiveness


  • What's your story

  • Be the editor 

Session 3

  • Energize your writing - editing

  • Tables and Figures

  • The editorial process

  • Final Remarks


  • Let's fix your abstract

Learning while helping

By bringing this workshop to your institute or faculty, you are supporting Huitaca´s mission in Latin America: supporting female scientists with free mentoring and editing services to publishing in English. 

Thank you for your interest!

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